Online Text Editor

Our Text editor doesn’t need installation or any registration rather it’s the most simple notepad. It removes all the formatting of the text and allows the user to edit any type of text.

To use it:

  • Open
  • Start writing or paste your content
  • Edit and Download the text

What is an Online Text Editor?

An online text editor is essentially the web’s user interface for editing rich text files in web browsers, that presents the user with an “everything-as-seen-on-tv” editing environment.

This is online notepad is designed specifically for academic authors who need to tweak, organize and condense their academic writing.

To use this text editor online, you don’t need to sign-up or pay any fee for subscription. All of have to do is, open EDITPAD and write/paste your content.

Why our Notepad?

Quick Editing

This Plain text editor is so easy to use. Just paste the content or start writing the text on our text editor.

Easy to Access

Don’t bother to download any text editor. Just open up this online text editor and start writing.

Add-on Features

Editpad also features some extra tools like Word Counter, Text Summarizer

Who can use our Wordpad?


their assignments or edit them. There comes many situations where quick editing is required and Notepad online is here to help you.

Content Writer

Are you a content writer? You might be aware of editing the content and the ease of editing using plain text editor. The notepad can help writers to quickly edit without any complex options.



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